DO-friendly (comlex only) transitional/prelim programs for PM&R applicant

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Jun 6, 2008
Medical Student
I am applying for PM&R residency and I feel I am a competitive applicant for PM&R as a whole. But since I chose to only take the comlex (level 1 score 540) I am worried about getting an acgme transitional year/pre lim year since I know it's such a crapshoot and probably more based on numbers. Did I screw myself over by only taking the comlex? What are some DO-friendly transitional/preliminary programs?



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Jul 26, 2007
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Any program should be equal to consider - they want people that pass their boards first attempt, they need people to do the admits and work hard and know that you moving on to something else the following year. There are many AOA programs as well but the I would worry about the "friendly" part...
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