Sep 2, 2015
I have sent in my application to SCCP and PC (SC Schools) as well as PharmCAS with everything set. Here's a brief resume;
-3.72 GPA (4.0 science GPA)....also reason this is kind of low is because of my dual credit classes I took during high school and I got a C in eng101 and a couple B's. My university GPA is 3.95 compared to my dual credit transfers (3.3)
-61% PCAT, 89% in bio 73% in Chem 35% in Math.......also planning to retake this on sept.16
-Currently employed at CVS for 3 months as pharm tech
-about 80 hours of pharmacy exposure from hospitals, walgreens, sccp faculty members, Pharm-401 (Introduction to Pharmacy) class I took at USC, and through pre pharmacy clubs where there is weekly pharmacist speakers
-volunteered at a childrens' diabetes camp for 4 days as camp counselor
-Letters of recommendation from my boss at CVS, chem professor, and 2 nurses

Any input/critique is appreciated!


2+ Year Member
Aug 7, 2015
You're going to get in with those stats regardless of retaking the PCAT in a few weeks. I have TONS of friends who got into SCCP with 3.5+ gap, 30-50% PCAT, and absolutely zero experience. They primarily look at your GPA.