Mar 22, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
I am currently a senior in college, currently applying to PT schools.
I live in NJ, and applied to
1. Rutgers Biomedical School (UMDNJ) Newark, NJ
2. Stockton University in NJ
3. Drexel in PA
4. NYIT in NY
5. Northwestern in IL
6. University of IL

My current GPA is about a 3.6-3.7, and my GRE Scores are Verbal 154, Quant 153 and Writing 5.0
I have about 300-400 outpatient hours, and 20 hours of homecare.

Do you think I have a chance of getting into these schools? :(
Thanks for your help guys~
Dec 4, 2011
Physical Therapy Student
I don't know anything about those schools specifically, but those stats are usually good enough to get into many schools. My stats were a little lower and I got in (but luckily, they don't just base admission on stats alone). My biggest advice would be to go to each school's website (their PT school portion, specifically) and dig through it. Most of the time you can find the stats from past accepted classes. For example, they might say that students who were admitted to the 2015 cohort had an average GRE of XXXX and XXXX and average GPA of XXXX...etc. Some schools I found even gave a range of GPAs from previous classes. Some schools didn't give ANY information. Anyways...go check out some websites or make some calls. It should give you a better idea about those schools specifically. Good luck!