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Mar 22, 2016
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Currently a rising 4th year in an US MD program interested in applying to Med-Peds. My step 1 score in 220s with honor/high pass mix and above average clinical evaluations in third year clerkships (Honored Peds). I am taking CK in the next few months. I am wondering if I am a strong candidate for residencies in major cities or should I dual apply with Family Med?
Thank you in advance!
Sep 28, 2009
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The answer completely depends on what you mean by major cities. Keep in mind there are not med-peds programs in New York, SF, Seattle, which I would consider to be major cities. I posted a while back an excel spreadsheet (from 4 years ago, mind you) that had step 1 scores for med-peds programs, and I would find that. Shouldn't be too far down.

You should be able to match med-peds. As far as the programs you have a solid chance at? Hard to say. Med-peds is not really competitive based on board scores alone, but it is competitive based on the fact that there are few spots at each program.


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May 11, 2012
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Agree with tantacles here with caveat that Sinai has a program again in NYC as of last year. Certainly if you do okay in step 2 and your references are as good as your clinical grades would indicate (and you interview well, etc, etc) then you should match med peds. Again. I agree that the question is where, not if. Also, I'd really look through family med as well if that is your other option. You may find that to get that Peds experience you need to get a bit more rural than you'd like get into a full scope program.
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