Do I have to be enrolled in a pharmacy college to obtain an internship?How can i get opportunities for Pharmacy graduate intern (Non-US)

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Sep 10, 2023
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Dear fellow pharmacists,
I am looking for suggestions to increase my chances of getting an internship in a retail pharmacy. I am a foreign pharmacist with Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee (FPGEC®) certification and MD intern permit. I am trying for an opportunity to gain intern hours but most of the pharmacies minimum requirement is a student who has enrolled in a college. How could it be possible for me to learn the work or get some experience if every pharmacy needs only students. Most of the pharmacies I came across needs student’s only. What are my chances of getting an internship in a pharmacy. I am trying whatever I can but no luck yet. Any suggestions always welcome . Thanks in advance.


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Not all pharmacies look for student interns. I’m a foreign grad myself doing my internship hours. You just really have to look. Even CVS have job posting now for non-US interns
I tried so far no luck but only one thing that’s pressing for me is I am volunteering due to dependent visa status and I am unsure whether Maryland board considers my hours or not?
Sorry, I only know the rules for the State of Georgia. You would have to be accepted, or attending Pharmacy School, to be granted a Pharmacy Intern License. The Intern License affords you a whole lot of pharmacist only duties. But I have friends, foreign trained pharmacists that obtained a Registered Pharm. technician license, working full time and not planning to attempt the R.Ph. licensing.

I am not a foreign grad, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.