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Do I have to retake orgo?

Discussion in 'Pharmacy School-Specific Discussions' started by IndieMed, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. IndieMed

    2+ Year Member

    Jul 13, 2015
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    Hello. So I'm going to try and make this short.

    I'm not going to say my sGPA and cGPA because I still have 1.5 years before I graduate so my gpa could significantly increase by then. I typically do well in all science classes. Minimum Ive gotten is a B in A&P 2. Ive retaken orgo 1 and went from a C+ to an A-. I'm now retaking orgo 2. I got a D+ the first time and I think I'm looking at a C+ this time around. Worst case a C. I could still get a B- but thats if I get 90+ on the next 3 tests which is kinda impossible.

    My question is, so long as my gpa is decently high in the end, and my resume is pretty superb so not going to go into that. My question is, would I STILL have to retake orgo 2?? Do pharmacy schools have minimum grade requirements for specific or all classes? Or do they just look at everything overall? What are some of the worst grades that you guys have gotten but still got into pharmacy school? Please share and let me know.
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  3. capri1722

    capri1722 CU Skaggs c/o 2022

    Nov 14, 2017
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    Most pharmacy schools just want all of their prerequisites passed with a C or better (not a C-), but now’s a perfect time to start researching pharmacy schools. If there are any schools you know you’re going to apply to or are thinking of applying to, research their requirements specifically and see if they’ll accept a C. A good place to start with this is PharmCAS’s School Directory pages. Link: School Directory – PharmCAS Of course you can also go to the individual schools’ pharmacy websites but I personally like PharmCAS because it centralizes and standardizes the format of all the information you need.
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