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Mar 12, 2013
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I was interviewed and waitlisted at two schools this app cycle. I have a 3.6GPA but need to significantly improve my MCAT (498). My question is should I just focus on my MCAT score or should I also add more clinical/other volunteer hours? I have almost 400 hrs as a hospice volunteer, 416 hrs shadowing a family dr, 50 hours shadowing drs at a hospital, 50 hrs assisting drs at an international clinic, 500+ hours teaching and tutoring, thousands of research hours.

Also have about 50 hours at a homeless shelter and about 100+ hours between a crisis texting center, meals with wheels, and a veterans organization.

I was considering adding a scribing experience at a free clinic but it is by no means close to where I live (2+ hours).
Focus on MCAT. You ECs as good.
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