Do I need to submit my transcript for a CNA training course at a community college?

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May 26, 2020
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After finishing undergrad at a 4 year institution I took a month-long class at a community college so that I could become certified and work as a CNA. I did receive a grade and the class was 4 credits, and I received a certificate at the end of the course, but still had to do state testing to become officially certified. I had a paper of my transcript sent to AMCAS, and when that didn't show up on my application, I had the registrar email a copy to AMCAS. I am still waiting for these transcripts to go through so that I can submit my application, but I am beginning to grow concerned that waiting much longer will delay my application. Is it absolutely necessary that I send my transcript from this class? I have spoken to several of friends who are in medical school and they said that they did not include their transcripts for similar job training-oriented community college classes and they experienced no issues during the application process. What should I do?

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As far as I know, if you were enrolled at a school that gave you credits and a grade for a course, and a transcript exists somewhere to prove it, it needs to be sent. Many applicants (myself included) are in the same boat with transcript processing delays, but at least verified applications aren't sent to schools until July 10. Fingers crossed for speedy delivery!
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Agree with @caterwaiter regarding the fact that you earned 4 credits at a community college and therefore it needs to be sent.

You have at least 5 weeks, maybe >6 before your applicant is no longer "early" so just chill and move on to looking up the secondary prompts for the schools on your list and getting a head start on writing those essays.
And you do not need to wait for transcripts to arrive to submit primary
In this case, if a straggler transcript comes in after verification, what is the impact? Does verification start all over again? Is there any advantage, or does verifying the additional transcript take the same amount of time as verifying several at the same time? (I.e., while there is no need to wait, is there any advantage to not waiting, or do you arrive at the same place at the same time either way?)