Aug 3, 2015
Hey Guys,

So I've been perusing the 2015-2016 Application Threads, and I'm started to see comments referring to the need to update schools. My primary was verified in late July; however, my letters were not received by AACOMAS until after the verification. Also, due to my own faults, I realized that I never requested AAMC to send my MCAT scores to AACOMAS (I did this about 2 weeks ago). I was wondering given the addition of my evaluations and eventually my MCAT scores, if I need to contact each school I applied to on AACOMAS to let them know I have "updated" my application, so that they can download the "new" one. Or will they receive the updates automatically from AACOMAS?



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Dec 11, 2014
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You don't need to contact them they'll see it.
Your application isn't complete without an MCAT score anyway so they're not looking at it.
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Jul 2, 2014
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Updates are really for when something major has changed. Otherwise, they are just the neurotic students' way to tell the school, hey, hey, hey, I'm still interested in you, hey, hey, hey, can you hear me?

If you didn't just win a major award or get a 1st author publication, I'd say don't worry about updating them at all. Certainly not this soon after submitting.