Medical Do people apply to multiple early assurance programs?

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Oct 27, 2013
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I noticed that multiple schools have early assurance programs for their medical schools or associated schools. Since I am a sophomore in college right now, I wanted to weigh in the option of applying to an early assurance program (EAP). My school offers an early assurance program with George Washington medical school, which is a great opportunity for me because it is close to home and a well established medical school; I will most likely apply to this program.

My question is, do people ever actually apply to multiple EAPs. I am asking because I have seen that many of the schools allow accepting applications from students outside their own undergraduate school? If so, is it a good idea to apply to multiple? I was thinking that if I were to write essays and get LOR for one program then it would not hurt applying to another one that I would be interested in because I would have all the required material.
If there are multiple EAPs you're able to apply to, then you're free to apply to any/all of them. Be sure to double check because there is a chance you could be getting mixed up with early decision, which is a regular application when a sr or graduate in the normal app system.

EAP in my observation and experience is usually limited to whatever specific school(s) is(are) affiliated and have a specific agreement with said undergrad institution.

Again, if you have multiple available to you, or there is no specific agreement/linkage required with somewhere you come across, then go for it and all to all/as many as you see fit.

Good luck!

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