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DO Physiatrists/residents: is OMM helpful?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Oct 19, 2017
  1. Medical Student
Do you feel your education in OMM has been an asset to your PM&R training?

If so - what elements of it? Body mechanic knowledge? Familiarity with palpation? Manipulations?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Aug 13, 2019
  1. Attending Physician
You probably come into residency with more MSK examination time than MD counterparts, but this advantage does not always keep up throughout residency if you don't keep putting work into it. I think it helped some with body mechanics with amputee care, but again in the long run not necessarily helpful.

I have met a fair number of DOs that use OMT in their clinical practice (mostly sports medicine), and it is well-received by patients. There aren't too many residency programs where this is integrated, since most are not DO PM&R programs, so you have to have a drive to keep that up, or find a program where you can have some mentors/attendings help you continue to progress in this.
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Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 8, 2001
Portland, OR
  1. Attending Physician
100%. I don't utilize OMT on a daily basis anymore but I still use osteopathic principles and methods daily with respect to educating patients. My reason for not doing OMT is it's physically taxing work. I was introduced to so many MSK and rehabilitation concepts through osteopathic training. MDs can certainly learn about this stuff but I find they pick it up later in their career.
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Prior Flight Surgeon PM&R attending guy
15+ Year Member
Aug 22, 2005
You can’t have too many tools in your tool bag in this specialty. I use it quite often. It’s not for every patient but it really can be a nice treatment for certain patients. The biggest gain from OMT are the concepts and familiarity with palpating.
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