Does an accepted abstract mean you have to submit it to that conference's journal

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Mar 24, 2012
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If your abstract is accepted to a conference for example, ACC or AATS, does that mean that you need to submit your final paper to that society's journal i.e. JACC or JTCVS or are you completely free to submit the final paper (when it is complete) to any journal of your choosing?

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Unless it is explicitly stated in the terms of your abstract submission, no. I have only seen this for small education/pedagogy conferences, and usually they very clearly require you submit a draft by a certain date before the conferences.

All other science/medical conferences I have attended did not have this requirement (vascular biology, AHA, and GI).
Only for ORAL (Podium) presentations at conferences associated with a journal. This typically excludes "quickshot" presentations.

You would have received submission instructions and a deadline if this is the case for you.