Does anyone have a recommended book list for 3rd year rotations?




I recently began my third year rotations and I feel overwhelmed by the many books available to choose from. I was wondering if anyone had a list of popular books to read during rotations. Finally, do you think it is best to just read Step 2 review books during rotations? If so, what are some good ones.

Thanks a lot.


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Apr 3, 2002
I found First-Aid for the Wards somewhat helpful... and it has an appendix of the highest ratest books for each core rotation in the back. I think (if you can muster up the discipline) studying Step 2 review books while doing your rotations would pay off big-time when it comes time to take the exam. Good luck.


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May 29, 2002
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If your school uses Shelf exams (the retired Board exam question subject tests NBME puts out), you should definitely be using board review sources to study.

Overall, Boards and Wards is super helpful for step2 and for reviewing during the rotations - liked it better than first aid for the wards b/c it was more detailed, but still straight to the point need-to-know stuff. Many people used these 2 books in combination plus questions for step 2.

I think questions are always helpful - the big NMS for step2 is a favorite, and Pretest is good too. Both are difficult, but good.

Surgical Recall helps for surgery pimping questions.
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