does it look bad to have a minor in spanish if I don't speak spanish?

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Dec 1, 2021
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I know, it sounds ridiculous. but I've been studying spanish for like 5 years now and I still can't speak anywhere close to fluently. I've got A's in all my spanish classes bc they just aren't that hard, but then when it comes to having a conversation... i'm absolutely useless. i've been pursuing a spanish minor because i genuinely enjoy learning it and think it's really interesting, but I'm worried that medical schools will expect me to speak spanish after studying it for so long. I'm a spring junior right now so I don't have a ton of time left to make the decision about dropping the minor, I could pick a different one if I wanted to but my options are limited. what do you think I should do? is it a red flag to admissions people if i'm a spanish minor that can't speak spanish? thanks!!

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no, relax, just don't put in your AMCAS that you're fluent
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At least you have a start with Medical Spanish courses you'd take in med school. Or summarize a telenovella's plot...

Not a big deal. Agreed, don't overrate your skills.
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Most of the time I forget minors even exist.
agree with above-that said, ever considered living abroad or doing something internationally to improve your skills? sometimes its hard to get good when you're living stateside.

plus i think it'd be a cool story to share on an interview.
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