Community Vs. University-Based? If we apply for community-based, how does it affect our chances for getting a job or getting into subspecialties?? Are you aware of others side effects of choosing community-based? Do you think community-based programs have any advantage(s)? How about community-based University- affiliated?Please let us know about your oppinion:) Thank you in advance. (B)

P.S check this site out.Just go through the chapter 1-9.It's wierd, but..!:confused:


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Mar 23, 2001
I feel a community based program can provide a fine pathology education, but likely not to the caliber as a university based. The case numbers and variety would be limited. Much of your education would likely be self study. Of course, depending on the individual program these generalizations may not be true. As for the job market, in private practice it would likely not matter much. But, if you are interested in academics I would not go to a community based program. Also, if you are looking to get a competitive fellowship I would not recommend a community program. One nice thing about a large university program is they have lots of graduates you can look up for job opportunities.

Also, I agree with ironchef about the current state of the job market. The big jump in pay comes when you make partner in a practice, usually 3 or 4 years.
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