Does LOI timing matter?

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Sep 12, 2018
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Okay, so I've read a lot about the utility (or lack thereof) of LOIs and have gone back and forth about whether or not I should submit one, but I was waitlisted at a school that really likes to know they're you're #1 and it is officially my top choice. I read lots of gonnif's advice and it seems that all these criteria apply:

"If you have substantive updates
If you have a school that accepts updates
If you have strong specific reasons why you fit this school previous presented in application and interview
If you have strong reasons coming away from interview that the school fits you
If you can make a concise, coherent, and compelling letter in short form (3 paragraphs)
Then you can do so."

So, I'm thinking I'll just go for it. My question is, when should I submit it? If there's typically no WL movement until May, do I wait until May to submit? Or is there some sort of advantage to sending it sooner rather than later? Or does it not matter at all and I'm just shooting out this letter into a black hole?

Thanks for any advice :)

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I'm pretty sure gonnif's most important criteria is whether or not you have an acceptance at a better school to use some leverage.