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Mar 7, 2004
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hey guys i had a doubt and was hoping if anyone could help me.i had applied to a certain program's dept of internal medicine for a prelim im interview as i had been invited by the same hospital's dept of neurology for an interview,and they dont have an integrated program.now the dept of medicine did not formally invite me for their interview but i was made to meet with the cheif resident of medicine in the evening.now my doubt is,can i rank the prelim im program when my rank order list for the nrmp match?or was that just a 'courtesy' interview,not to be taken seriously.i am really confused!pls help!!


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Jan 26, 2005
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Another candidate that I interviewed with asked the IM PD if they could rank them even if they did not match at the insitution's neurology department. They said yes but I understand your doubts. Only 2 of the programs I have interviewed at so far have had IM interviews at the end of the day. Although one was with the chief resident only, it was a "real" interview. It felt real anyway. The other place that had an IM interview, it seemed like just a formality. The "interview" lasted about 5 minutes and there was only one (with the PD).
Both of these places were at places who did not technically guarantee PGY-1 but do work with the department "closely".
My personal opinion is that it is highly unlikely that one would match PGY-1 in a place that you did not match neurology. Simply because they only have a certain # of slots for each department and there just wouldn't be room. When in doubt, go ahead and rank because it might happen.
Disclaimer ;) : this is just my impression, I don't really know anything.
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