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Apr 6, 2002
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Hi Friends

I am preparing for Jul15, Part I, I am doing Reprints, I feel for some of the questions, keys are wrong. Can any one look into these questions Please. I wonder what to answer, if I get the same question on Jul15

here are the questions.

1. The Antidiuretic hormone is synthesized in the

1. cells of the posterior hypophysis
2. hypothalamic nuclei
3. anterior pituitary
4. pars intermedia
5. 5 none of the above
Given Key is 1. But I feel 2

2. The effect on basal heart rate of cutting successively the vagus and the sympathetic nerves in an animal revelas
1. predominance of vagal over sympathetic innervation in determining heart rate
2. predominance of sympathetic innervation in determining heart rate
3. that effects of the vagi and the sympathetics on the heart rate are eaqual and opposite
4. none of the above.
Key give is 1. I feel its wrong, could be 2

3. The lingual cusp(s) on which of the following mandibular posterior teeth is (are) appoximately 2/3 the height of the respective facial cusp(s)
a. first premolar
b. second premolar
c. first molar
d. second molar
e. third molar
Key is A. I feel B.

4. which of the following has the least relevance to the prognosis of a patient with malignant melanoma
1. depth of invasion
2. Multiple biopsies
3. Sex of the patient
4. Degree of pigmentation
5. Palpable lymphadenopathy
Give key is 4. I feel 3

5. Which of the following arteries is NOT derived from the celiac trunk or its branches
1. Left gastric
2. Short gastric
3. Gastroduodenal
4. Ledt gastroepiploic
5. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal
Given Key - 4. I feel 5 because it?s a branch of superior mesenterac.

6. Which of the following are mobilized when a cell produces an excessive amount of protein
1. lysosomes
2. mitochondria
3. Lipofuscin granules
4. Rough Enoplasmic reticula
5. All of the above
Given is 1. I feel its 4

Thank you verymuch in Advance


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Feb 2, 2002
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I was unsure of a lot of those questions too. Here's what I thought.

1. I agree. ADH is synthesized by the supraoptic nuclei in the hypothalamus. That exam question was from like 1979 so maybe that's what the answer was back then.

2. I couldn't find a definite answer for this in Moore's, although the sympathetic is way more important. I just remember my Gross Anatomy professor saying that even if you cut the vagus, the heart will still beat b/c of the sympathetics, so I agree with you.

3. I tried looking for a definite answer in Woelfel and Schied. All they say is that the lingual cusp on the first premolar is, on average, 3.6 mm shorter than the buccal. But when you look at the pictures in the book, I think the answer key is correct, although I can see why it could be debated. Also, from some of my class notes, my teacher indicated that the lingual cusp on the second premolar is almost the height as the buccal.

4. According to Kuman, there is not mention of gender in correlation to malignant melanoma, so I agree with you. ABCD for determining if it's malignant melanoma - asymmetry, border is irregular, color variegation, diameter > 6 mm. Therefore, color is relevant to the prognosis, so I would guess the key is wrong.

5. In my anatomy notes, it says the left gastroepiploic is a branch of the splenic, which in turn is a branch of the celiac trunk. The inferior pancreaticoduodenal is a branch of the superior mesenteric. It anastomoses with superior pancreaticoduodenal, a branch of the gastroduodenal which is a branch of the common hepatic and therefore of the celiac trunck. I agree with you, another case of the key is incorrect.

6. Not sure of this one. I thought the answer was initially 4 as well, but when I saw their given answer, I reasoned it like this. If the cell is producing way too much protein, the lysosomes are ready to break it down and keep the cell in check. I can't find a reference though, I think this is a bad question. If the cell is making too much protein, it is obviously utilizing its RER.

After studying for this exam, I can't believe how there is a total lack of comprehensive review material for the NBDE. Every time I was unsure or unclear on something, I had to go fish it out of some textbook somewhere. With the excess number of review material for the USMLE, you'd think the publishers would try and make a quality review book for the NBDE. Oh well, till then, Dental Decks it is.


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Apr 6, 2002
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That helped me. I was confused what to do if I get the same questions.

Thanks again
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