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Jan 27, 2011
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So, I'm not freaking out or anything about this but it's concerning me a little...

oGPA = 3.6
sGPA = 3.6 or 3.55

I just finished up my sophomore year in biomedical engineering. My freshman year, I got a 3.69 first semester and a 3.72 the second semester. This year, I think I'm getting a 3.45-3.5 both semesters. Of course, it's not the end of the world, and I'm definitely going to try to bring it up to a 3.65-3.7 by the end of junior year for a little cushion space.

I don't think I'll have any concern if I can actually bring it up during junior year, but as of right now if this trend continues and let's say I end up at a 3.5 oGPA and 3.4 sGPA, which is around incoming average, should I be concerned?

*Haven't taken the DAT yet, reviewing this summer, but looking for a 22-23.


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Feb 1, 2008
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Just do some reading/research on the forums, there are a few essential threads that will answer your question and give you an idea of where you should target in regard to your DATs and GPAs.

Quintessential "Where should I apply?" thread:

GPA/DAT ranges of accepted applicants for dental schools (2011):

Predents is also a very helpful site, however the data may not be completely accurate because it's all user submitted:

My best suggestion for you: stop worrying about your GPA, and start just focusing on destroying and absorbing from every class you take, that should be your singular goal, the GPA will follow accordingly.