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  1. Z

    Hello! 2024 PCAT and applicant here

    Hello, I am coming back to the fold after a ten year hiatus. I successfully repeated a few pre-reqs to replace some C's with A's. I have been prepping with Kaplan and Dr. Collins books for the PCAT since June. I did not realize the PCAT was being retired until recently, so I now plan to take...
  2. P

    How to be a competitive applicant and how to prepare for chemistry PCAT?

    I worked as a medical assistant for 2 years, currently a pharmacy tech and historian in the pre-pharmacy club at my university. My current overall GPA is a 3.4 I take the PCAT in September and I still haven’t taken organic chemistry yet. Any tips on how to prepare for the chemistry portion of...
  3. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school advice!

    Hello :) I’m currently a junior at my university pursuing pharmacy hopefully and i’ve been really stressed. My two schools i am aiming for have removed the obligation for a PCAT score for 2021 applicants (Wayne State University and University of Michigan) i have a 3.5 gpa score as of right now...
  4. S

    PHARMCAS personal statement feedback!!! Any help is much appreciated

    Hi guys! I am in the process of applying for pharmacy school. I just have a rough draft of my personal statement and I am quite unsure whether I am writing it in the right direction or not. Also very stressed out and worried because writing is not my area of expertise. So please let me know what...
  5. L

    cant read PCAT prompts in time

    ppl who have recently taken the pcat, how do you read the prompts in less than 2 min, take notes on them, and be able to answer questions immediately ? currently I dont even bother reading them, i go straight to the quesions themselves and rely on what I currently know bc there is virtually no...
  6. D

    My chance of getting accepted into Pharmacy School

    I am an 18-year-old who is currently applying for a few pharmacy schools in Texas (UT Austin, Texas A&M, UHouston, and Texas Tech). I'm so nervous about admissions and was wondering if I should apply for more schools in case I got denied. Here are my stats: - I'm graduating with my Bachelor of...
  7. W

    Pcat critical reading

    So hello everyone, I have difficulties on CR portion of the pcat test, I always got a 380ish score on the practice tests that I took, And I'm going to take the pcat in September, Is there any method that you prefer that may help me get along better with CR? thanks in advance
  8. P

    Should I retake the pcat? -UofT

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty torn on whether or not I should retake my pcat because I scored really low on CR :( Bio- 85 Chem-94 CR- 20 :( QR- 81 Composite - 78 (CR brought it down a lot) UofT needs a requirement of 20 in CR which I have and my GPA is probably around B+/A which isn't too high I'm...
  9. M

    Anyone taking PCAT July 2019? Have you started PharmCAS/personal statement?

    With studying for the past month or so for the July 12, 2019 PCAT, I haven't done anything for PharmCAS or started my personal statement. I emailed a professor about a LOR but she hasn't gotten back to me, and I figured I'd tell my pharmacist at work about doing it after the exam as well. My...
  10. K

    Random PCAT 2019 questions!!

    Hi guys! I am scheduled to take the PCAT this July 2019 and had a couple questions. For the chemistry section, are calculators / periodic tables provided? I heard basic calculators are provided for certain questions, but Dr. Collins has a lot of practice questions that involve finding pH...
  11. R

    chapman pcat retake

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone before. I took the PCAT but didnt get a sufficient score enough for them and chapman asked me to take a retake but i am afraid my second score wont be good as well. I deposited for them already. will they rescind my admittance?
  12. M

    PCAT Dr. Collins

    There’s a 2019 version of Dr. Collins that came out and it’s $375. I found a 2016 version online for a lot cheaper. Do you think they’re similar, or should I just just get the 2019 version?
  13. R

    Weird PCAT score, should I retake it?

    I just took February PCAT yesterday, here is my scores: Bio: 65 Chem: 94 Reading: 97 Quant: 97 Composite: 96 I am not happy with Bio score, not sure what happened when doing it. I always do better in Bio section than Chem section during preparation. should I retake it? I am sure I can do better...
  14. D


    I took the pcat for the first time today and I felt confident but my composite percentile rank was not what I expected in the preliminary score report. This can’t be right? I’m just shocked and confused because it doesn’t make sense to me!
  15. alphinerpoke

    Finished February PCAT

    Hi all, Just finished the PCAT in 99th percentile (woo!!). Let me know if you need any strategies or info! (I obviously can't disclose the actual test information!)
  16. N

    Dr. Collins PCAT

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to retake my PCAT beginning of next year (February 2019) but I am not confident in my study materials. Does anyone know of any other study materials outside of Kaplan? Please let me know!! I'd really appreciate it.
  17. W

    Will I get into schools?

    Will I get into pharmacy school with these PCAT scores? September 2018 Bio: 411 58 Chem: 394 46 Reading: 434 94 Math: 444 94 Composite: 421 83 November 2018 Bio: 422 75 Chem: 394 93 Reading: 426 88 Math...
  18. BubbleDIA

    Canadian PCAT vs American PCAT

    Hello, guys. I had a question about the topic above and decided make a post. I am thinking about applying to both Canadian and American pharmacy schools this year. I have already taken the Canadian PCAT. However, I am not sure if I can use Canadian score for US schools. Is there a difference...
  19. D

    Anyone willing to sell Dr. Collins 2018? If so please PM me. Thanks

    Anyone willing to sell Dr. Collins 2018? If so please PM me. Thanks
  20. P


    Hello, I took the pcat this september and used dr collins and it was not similar to the pcat at all I ended up doing horrible and i used kaplan and collins for quantitative section and still did bad. Can someone please tell me what to study for the biology chem and math. Biology I did the worst...
  21. B

    PCAT submission on PharmCAS question.

    Hi what's up guys? I have a question regarding submit PCAT scores. I am applying only for the schools that does not require PCAT scores. However, I thought that it might be a good impression if I submit PCAT score if result comes out good. My question is..if I decide to take PCAT and PCAT score...
  22. B

    PCAT submission on PharmCAS question.

    Hi what's up guys? I have a question regarding submit PCAT scores. I am applying only for the schools that does not require PCAT scores. However, I thought that it might be a good impression if I submit PCAT score if result comes out good. My question is..if I decide to take PCAT and PCAT score...
  23. A

    Official PCAT Scores to PharmCAS

    Hey everyone, I received my official PCAT scores for when I took the PCAT on July 11th. Does anybody know how long it usually takes before PharmCAS uploads them to your application? I really want to submit ASAP.
  24. 8

    PCAT Tips & Tricks

    Hey guys! So I'm taking the PCAT for the first time in September, and I was wondering if anyone has any little tips and tricks for when taking the exam? Like things to either help eliminate wrong answers or shortcuts for certain questions to help save on time? Or like when to use/not use the...
  25. P

    PCAT Question

    Hey; I register for the PCAT but I figured it out that my ID has my name in capital letter ir doesn' t matter if I wrote my name in lowercase Example: iD: LIAM PAYNE PCaT : Liam Payne
  26. T

    Overparanoid about pcat scores?

    I’m just really anxious, but does anyone know what happens when a Pearson proctor tells you that they will have to report that you were wearing a bracelet or something into the testing room? This happened to me today, and I was still allowed to take the pcat. Also, the proctor wasn’t telling me...
  27. 0

    LECOM Distance Pathway

    I have a 3.1 GPA and I scored 80 on the PCAT. What are my chances of getting accepted to LECOM's distance pathway? Should I retake the PCAT and try for a better score?
  28. T

    My scores/thoughts

    So, first off my scores from July 18th (today): Bio: 98 Chem:96 CR: 96 QR:77 Cumulative: 97 So, needless to say I'm disappointed in my QR score since it's the section that I worked the hardest on but, honestly, I was spent by the end of the exam. Things I used: pearson exams and Collins...
  29. GodIsBeautiful

    PCAT Tips!

    Hello, all! Has anybody taken the PCAT this July, and have any tips for future test-takers? I've taken about 5+ practice exams, yet I still feel underprepared. I feel like I'm going to run out of time, especially in the Critical Reading section. Also in Chemistry, because I have not taken any...
  30. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  31. L

    PCAT July!

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if today's PCAT takers would be open to sharing anything they thought about the exam and how it related to all of the different study guides. Also, can you guys share what you got on the PCAT if you dont mind? Thanks so much
  32. GodIsBeautiful

    Pharmacy School Extracurriculars Advice.

    What are the typical extracurriculars and/or accolades a rising sophomore applying to pharmacy school should have? Is having pharmacy experience a must around this time? I know it would look good on the application, but at this my young age (literally 19 y/o), I'm not certified for anything...
  33. GodIsBeautiful

    LIU Brooklyn C/O 2023.

    Hi, is anyone looking to apply to LIU Brooklyn - Pharmacy in Fall 2019?
  34. GodIsBeautiful

    PCAT date coming soon; I'm scared!

    Am I the only person frightened to take my PCAT? I live in New York, and my test day is on July 18th. I'm so frightened, I feel like I've studied a lot, but nothing is retaining. If you have any tips of how I can overcome this burdening fear, please comment below! It would be much needed; much...
  35. J

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT self-study (July 2016 update) $175 or best offer

    I took the January 2017 PCAT and scored in the 95th percentile using the Collins books. They have been spiral bound for convenience. There is some writing and highlighting from the previous owner, but as far as I can see, it is mostly pencil (some highlighter) and can be erased. Retails for $375...
  36. S

    For Sale For Sale: Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 with 2 Practice Tests : Online + Book

    Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 with 2 Practice Tests : Online + Book | eBay Selling it for a cheap price, thought I was going to take the PCAT so I bought this Kaplan for the PCAT but ended up not taking, so I never opened this book.
  37. A

    How to improve CR section for PCAT

    I just took my first full length exam, and I got a 413 (74th percentile). I'm hoping this will increase as I continue studying, as my exam is in the second week of September. My CR score is bringing my composite score down. For the CR section, I got a 406 (62nd percentile). According to my...
  38. D

    Do people really pay $375 for Dr. Collins?

    I am in the middle of looking for PCAT study materials and I am deciding between Kaplan and Dr. Collins but I have heard much more positive things about Dr. Collins. However, Dr. Collins study guides are soooo expensive like $375 on pcatprepclass (this is the official website for Dr. Collins...
  39. aktwenty47

    July 2018 PCAT

    Hey guys! So I'm planning on taking the PCAT for the first time in July and have a few questions. Even if you don't have answers, feel free to post your own opinions to my questions or any other questions you might have about the upcoming PCAT! 1. When did you first take the PCAT? I've been...
  40. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale PCAT Dr. Collins 2017 For Sale!!!

    I have the 2017 Dr. Collins for sale. $120 including shipping. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested. I can send pictures if you'd like. Thanks.