Dr.Collins Chemistry Appendix Missing

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Oct 19, 2011
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Hey guys,

So I had bought my Dr.Collins from someone on craigslist but unfortunately did not come with the appendix for the chemistry section so if anyone has the 2013 version could you please send me the four pages? Thanks!

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It would mean a lot, kinda tough working some of the problems without knowing the answer.
Happened to me as well. Bought Dr. Collin's off someone on SDN. Let me know if you guys get a hold of it. It would be great having the solutions.
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good info,This happened to me as well. will be checking for updates.thanks
I can send appendix answer pictures if you can send me the first two pages of the questions and etc.
Mainly because I want to make sure mine is also 2013/2014 Dr.Collins version.