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May 20, 2018
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Hey guys! Please please please I need help. I am so confused. Okay so last year I bought the updated 2017 version of the Dr.Collins PCAT study material. But I was unable to take the PCAT for personal reasons ( I was set to take it the Oct of 2017). Now I am set to take the PCAT Sept of 2018. What I wanted to know is-is the 2017 version of Dr.Collins sufficient for the Sept 7 2018 PCAT? Please be honest. And I would prefer an answer from someone who has taken the PCAT already! And maybe someone who used an older version for Collins and still did well! Thank you!

And second question. Is Dr. Collins good for chemistry or biology? Or both? Or is kaplan the better option.

Thank you thank you thank you. Bless your soul

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I took the PCAT this year in January and used the Dr. Collins material from 2016. I scored really well. Don't worry too much about getting an updated version!