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Jan 4, 2012
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Hey all,
I am trying to figure out a decent way to approach scoring with the Dr. Collins guide. For example, on the Bio. Subject Test 1, I scored a 38/48 (not bad for not having started studying) and I wanted to translate that into a scaled score. I don't know if they have marked it somewhere on the guide which questions are experimental. I have seen other posts that this puts me somewhere in between the 80-99% range. I am not unhappy with this but would like to be as succinct as possible (to gauge improvements). Any thoughts?

Also, my set includes Microbiology and Health questions but I am unsure if it is this current cycle's edition...thoughts?


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Apr 7, 2011
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There are so many tests that I just went by percentage correct. Honestly, it doesn't matter what your scaled score is and if you are improving that. There's no way to accurately gauge that because Dr. Collins does not provide which questions are experimental, like you said.

So the way I did it was treat 38/48 like a 79% on that test and move on. Just make sure you study before taking the exams and go back and study the concepts you missed on your first one and take the second exam. Just studying the exams and what you got wrong won't help, imo. It's all about concepts. Good luck!
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