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Oct 6, 2002
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I had him. He turned out to be a big supporter of me, which was reaffirmed by my acceptance. He was about the nicest interviewer I've had. Expect lots of questions about your activities, etc. that you listed on your essay. In general, know your app. well. There may be questions about any weakness in your app. that you improved (bad grade, low mcat,etc.). Also, be prepared to answer why you chose SLU. A question that I stumbled upon perhaps because it was my 1st interview was: what would I be if not a doctor? Everything else was just checking that you can make a conversation. Also, be sure to write him a thank you note to remind him of you cuz i've heard that he forgets to turn in his evaluation of you if he's very busy. If you have any more questions, just pm me. Good luck!