Drexel vs. Loyola (Stritch)


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Aug 17, 2018
  1. Medical Student
    Thought I made my decision for sure, but as it gets closer to making the final call, having second thoughts. Wanted to run this by the SDN community:


    • prerecorded lectures (don't really attend lectures, learn best by myself)
    • closer to family
    • a lot of students match in PA/NJ/NY

    • poor facilities
    • iffy clinical rotations


    • phenomenal facilities, gym in school
    • Chicago/new experience
    • students in general "happier"
    • focus on social justice
    • reputation? I think? but truly don't think it's significantly better than Drexel's
    • further from home
    • has lectures (but to my understanding, everything is recorded)
    In general, I will say I am more excited by Loyola and didn't expect to be accepted.I lean toward Loyola bc I want a new experience. However, my end goal is to match back in the Philly/NJ/NYC area and that is the most important thing to me. Would love people's opinions.
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