Drug interaction table for boards?

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Jun 24, 2015
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Hi all, taking the board exam soon.

Was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a table/resource on drug interactions/CYP inducers/inhibitors specific to psych/neuro.

Tried to search and couldnt find much on here.


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There's not really an all-encompassing source I know of. Most are too inclusive and have "theoretical" but not clinically meaningful interactions.

I would say just memorize the meaningful interactions we actually care about. Like combustible tobacco inducing Cyp1A2 for clozapine, paroxetine/fluoxetine being strong 2d6 inhibitors. Bupropion being a substrate of 2b6 that paroxetine inhibits (leading to falls in the elderly), Methadone being substrate for 3a4, etc.

Edit: I haven't checked specifically in Stahls for such chart either, maybe look there?
You can download the free Cafer's Antipsychotics PDF in his official website. It has the introductory chapter to his Visualize to Memorize book. That first chapter talks about interactions and has a chart (below) with the most important CYP inducers and inhibitors.

Cafer Table.jpeg
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Fluvoxamine + Clozapine combo is high yield and always shows up on exams I think.
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