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Aug 3, 2007
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Nice find Nancy Grace ;)

I agree that local news has to find something to report on, so ‘body parts in a mysterious van’ always catches people’s attention.

First impression was that this guy looks older than 65, so I guess even forensics isn’t immune to old-timers in our field not wanting to call it quits.

It also said he’s operating as a pathology vendor. I know that a lot of small, rural counties don’t have a ME, so they outsource. But, I wonder how lucrative it would be to pick up a bunch of contracts in a region (let’s say anywhere from 3-6 counties) and doing private autopsies for families on top of that? It would likely be a lot of traveling, but might be worth it rather than hacking away in the morgue of a bigger city making 140K…dunno
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