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Feb 17, 2003
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To determine the effects of alcohol (ethanol) on mcat verbal test taking skills.

Materials and methods:
2-6 packs Guinness extra stout
TPR verbal workbook practice test 3 and answer sheet
large timer
2 pencil
previous mcat score

Prior to drinking, the practice test material was set up in a similar fashion to a non-drinking test. After drinking the first six-pack with dinner, 4 of the 6 remaining beers were "shot-gunned". After 15-minute incubation in front of the TV, the subject drank the final 2 beers and wondered into the test room. After the test was scored a t-test was done on order to determine whether or not the difference in score on the drunken mcat and sober mcat where significant.

During the test, the timer was paused on three occasions: bathroom breaks. These breaks typically lasted no longer than two minutes. When the subject returned, the timer was re-started. After the test was done the subject went to sleep rather than scoring the test. When the subject woke, he scored the test and began to report the results to SDN.

As one may guess, the effects of alcohol on mcat verbal test is mostly negative. Both the percent of questions answered, questions answered correctly, and overall points were significantly different.

One may learn many valuable things from taking a drunken mcat. Most importantly, the mcat section is boring, and despite attempts to make it fun by drinking, it will always remain dull. Also, one should never take the mcat verbal drunk for any reason: this includes scientific research.


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Apr 10, 2003
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hahaha... I dont think I would make it past the first passage drunk. I would fall asleep...
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