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Feb 25, 2005
Denton, Tx
The college I am attending offers a dual degree, B.A. in Biochemistry, and a D.O. at the UNT-HSC TCOM in seven years rather than the typical eight. This means that I will have around 18 hours or classes a semester for the first three years, I will have to take my MCAT in the second semester of my Sophomore year, and I will be admitted and attending UNT-HSC TCOM barring any unforseen mishaps (doing horrible on the MCAT, failing, etc..) my senior year.

This saves me a year of my life, but if anyone has done it, is it worth the extra strain I will have to put on myself? In my opinion, it can only make me stronger FOR medical school once I get accepted.

Could I please get as many opinions on this as possible. Thank you!