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Dublin transportation help

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by med2UCC, May 30, 2008.

  1. med2UCC

    med2UCC Relentlessly Optimistic 10+ Year Member

    Hi all. I have to attend an ACLS course at the Beaumont Hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and need some help figuring out how to get from my hotel to the hospital. I am staying at a place on Middle Abbey Street and am currently not in a position to walk too far (long story). If someone knows how to get out there on public transport it would be greatly appreciated. PM me please; I seriously doubt this information is of burning interest to anyone but me. Cheers,
    Oh, and if anyone is interested in getting together somewhere on Monday or Tuesday night, let me know and send me directions. I know my way around Dublin a bit, but always appreciate clear directions:)
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  3. LavenderLoraine

    LavenderLoraine Admiring the flowers 7+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Hi there,

    The luas (light rail) should be running right in front of where you are staying on Abbey street. Get on at the nearest stop (probably Abbey St) and take the luas one stop to Busaras (in the direction of Connolly). When you get off at Busaras, you will exit the luas on the right side of the tram (if you orient yourself facing the direction the tram is traveling) and the bus station will be to your right as well. Hop, hobble, or roll over to the edge of the road the tram will cross after you get off, it is literally right in front of you and not far at all. The name of the street is Amiens. Make a left on Amiens street and stay on the side of the road you are on, there's no need to cross the street. The bus stop for Beaumont Hospital will be right in front of you less than 100 m. At this point, you should be on the opposite side of the road as Connolly Train Station. You will also see the tram you were just on park itself there.

    Take the 27B to Beaumont, it drops right on the hospital grounds by the entrance. You may also take the 20B but it drops outside the hospital grounds and that involves about a 10 minute walk. You may also see a 42B come by for Beaumont but don't take that one, it takes a good 45 minutes to an hour to get there. The 27B only takes about 25 minutes.

    If you need more clear directions than that PM me. Good luck!
  4. med2UCC

    med2UCC Relentlessly Optimistic 10+ Year Member

    No need:D. Thank you very much for the exceptionally clear directions. I should have no problems at all as I hop and hobble my way around Dublin now(I shouldn't have to resort to rolling, at least not until late at night). Cheers,

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