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Jan 10, 2008
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Anyone thinking of taking this track?

I looked at 3 schools which I am aware have formal DVM/MBA tracks:
Texas A&M

Any others in the works? Colorado's plan strikes me as really not what I am looking for (you don't need an MBA to open your own vet practice) it seems geared more towards small business. I am most interested in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals- from a Finance position- hence the DVM/MBA.

Is anyone else considering this particular dual degree track? Has anyone gone on to do it? I'm just trying to figure out if this is really possible, any tips anyone might have, and if there is really interest in this sort of thing.


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You can also do it at Ohio.
Uh oh...reviving old thread! For anyone else who is interested but doesn't necessarily want to do a dual degree program, I'm taking a course this summer for an online MBA program at UMass. It starts a week from today. This program seemed like a good fit since you can take 2 courses before enrolling (having to take the GMAT and all that) and then have 4 years from the time you enroll to finish all the required courses. If anyone is interested, I'll keep you updated!
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I'm going to be applying to the DVM/MBA program this fall at CSU. I talked with the dean of admissions about the stats, and while there are only 5 slots, last year there were only really about 20 viable candidates. She said that Hill's was hiring the vets in this program right out of school, which I guess they normally don't. But she also said they wouldn't even really look at an app w/o a good chunk of work experience. I'm a non-trad with a business background, so I thought this might be a good fit.
Careful! I personally don't think the letters M, B, and A after your name have much meaning, and a comparison of starting salaries from different programs makes that self-evident. Down here in Atlanta, there is GA Tech with starting salaries around 80k/year, Emory (Goizueta) at 90k/year and Robinson at 50k/year.

For a business track, I think what is going to matter is the reputation of the program and the quality of the internship. Also, being in lockstep classes with your cohort will create networking ties that will carry through your career. Most evening/flexible/online MBAs do not offer very good opportunities for internships because they assume you're going to keep working at your current job and won't have time to go elsewhere. You won't meet hardly anyone and nobody is going to have any loyalty to you.

If you're thinking about getting an MBA, ask yourself what you expect it to do for you. Undergrad business schools teach the nuts and bolts of bookkeeping, finance and accounting, whereas graduate business schools are supposed to be about lofty questions of high finance, organizational development, and marketing.

Finally, I have heard that MBAs are best started when you have had some experience in the business world. Many consulting companies hire kids out of college, work them for a couple of years, and then send them to get an MBA.
Thanks for the advice projekt. I was hired into consulting right after I graduated from college and have continued to sit on the board of a company since starting vet school. Plus I do have undergraduate coursework in finance and economics. I just want to deepen my knowledge. I may decide to work in industry later on, but I want to practice clinically first. I have thought about going back and doing it later, which I may still decide to do. I liked the idea of being able to take a course or two without having to enroll. I'll just see if I like it and the way the courses are structured. If I don't like it after this course, I'm only out $2000 (which is not bad compared to some of the ones I've looked at here in Tennessee), plus, I will have gained the knowledge from this course. So far the deans and my mentors here have been very supportive of it. So we shall see....

Also, I'm not expecting a huge economic boon from it, just some knowledge in an area I'm interested in.
Hot stuff, pressmom. I wish you luck! I've been thinking about doing an MBA too, but I'm focusing on vet school for now. :)
I got my MBA a few years ago because my undergrad degree was in engineering and I wanted to understand what the rest of the company (outside of IT, the department I was in,) was doing. The first half was basic concepts of accounting, finance, marketing, HR, etc. Later on it was more exec-level material, but it was still applicable to small business (everyone needs a business plan, for example.) It was at a university here in the valley that has a well-regarded evening program. I think it will be a great asset because I want to have my own clinic someday.

As far as doing a dual program? I'm not sure I would want to take that on in addition to the DVM program. If I didn't have an MBA and wanted one, I would consider going back later and doing an evening or weekend (sometimes called "executive") program at a school of my choosing.
I agree with all the other comments you're receiving. I took the first 1/2 of an MBA program, it was an 'executive' program (I'm not a traditional vet school student - I've been in the business world and in elementary school teaching) but my BS is in Business so it didn't expand much more on my undergrad, so I didn't find it worth it to complete it. I think the program and your goals have a lot to do with what makes sense for you. If DVM/MBA is what makes sense for your goals, and it seems too, then it seems totally do-able.
Lucyloo, did the Dean speak about what those dual degrees graduates were hired to do @ Hills?

I understand that there are few people interested in such a dual degree track- so I was excited to see 8 whole replies to my original post. Thanks guys!

While I have an idea of the field I am specifically looking to tap into (Animal Health Pharma- consulting work), I was curious to see what else was out there, career wise, for MBA/DVM dual degrees.

I thought that if anyone else here was planning to take this track, they might be willing to share what they hope to specialize in after they graduate.

There is precious little literature on what graduates can do/ where they can go with these dual degrees- so any bit of sharing would be greatly appreciated!