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May 2, 2015
I just started college. Easy courses so far, mostly review of high school math and science subjects.

So, I want to start early on MCAT CARS preparation.

I read that it is not a good idea to exhaust AAMC CARS messages and other practice questions too early. I should save them for last 2 months prior to actual exam.

So what should I use for CARS preparation? I think it might be my weakest section.

My time line is MCAT two years from now. What practice materials should I use? I don't want to just read Economist, Scientific America, Wallstree Journal. I want to do some questions.


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Jun 17, 2015
Bodymore Murdaland
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Khan Academy MCAT has some passages and questions that will give you a feel for the exam. I've found them helpful. However some passages are too short or too long (when compared to AMCAS passages) and aren't reflective of the true exam, but it'll give you some early prep.