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Jul 20, 2023
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Just need a little advice. Basically, I am applying for early decision to a school. I understand due to this, I will not be able to apply to any other schools until I hear back from the school on October 1st. I obviously don't think this is a guarantee (I don't think there are ever guarantees to this process) so I want to be using my time wisely given the timeline. I know October 1st may be pretty late for MD school secondaries, so would it be even worth completing those or at that point should I just apply to DO schools if of course it does not work out with the ED school. I would be happy to go into further detail in a private chat or anything (not sure if SDN does that) about why I did ED to this specific school, the circumstances, etc. But just wanted to make sure I am using my time wisely in the interim. You can check my previous post about my WAMC for stats, etc if that is needed for consideration.

Thank you for your time as always.

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We do have Ask the Experts in our Confidential Advice section.

What conversations did you have with the school before applying ED?
I would be happy to talk with you privately or look into the confidential section. I appreciate your help!
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