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Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by Su4n2, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Su4n2

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    Jul 24, 2002
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    hey guys, my hubby is considering switching careers from social work to n.p or crna but recently he has heard about chinese medicine. anyone know what the schooling is, good info sites or if there's even a job market. thanx. h
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    Apr 21, 2002
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    To be a doctor of traditional chinese medicine requires similar undergrad prereqs as going to medical school, and the degree takes four years to complete. One of the schools that occasionally has cross cultural medicine exchanges with UCSF can be found at www.actcm.com

    As to the job market, complementary therapies are an increasing health care dollar market, and there is slowly becoming more communication between modalities in some markets, so there is a market for it. As to salary and that sort of thing, I can't compare accupuncturists/herbalists to NPs, I don't have the data.

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