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Apr 14, 2008
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hello guys. this is a great forum. i need someone help because this is very urgent.
im in highschool and my father is a dentist. he was a dentist in Iran and Afghanistan. he graduated from Afghanistan. seven years ago we moved to america. ADA told him that he needed his transcripts from his school. so he went back to afghanistan 3 years ago, to get his transcripts. when he came back he sent his transcript to ECE for evaluation. the company relpied to us that they could not confirm with afghanistan because of the war( they should have told us before that). so my dad was left without an answer. he knows that ADA says that if they can not confirm his transcripts because of political, or war he could take the test but he does not know how to make ADA let him take the test. hes been studying heavily. i recently contacted ECE about if they could contact afghanistan now and they said they will check. anyways in case they say no what do u guys recomond. my fathers last choice is to sue ada but he doesnt want to do that because of financial reasons. where should he start?
i emailed ADA and they never responded. am i supposed to contact someone so they would let my dad take the test. guys i really need help and if someone know what to do, even just some tips please respond.
i hope i hear good news.


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Apr 17, 2008
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I am really sorry to hear about your situation. I'd recommend you call ADA and ask for Dr. Kathleen Hinshaw. She is the Senior Manager at ADA and may be able to give you a contact at ECE. I'm not sure if it will help but it is worth a try. :)
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