Econ major starting pre med as a sophomore

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Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore econ major starting pre med. Throughout high school and my first year of college, I always thought I wanted to go to law school. However, I got a law internship over the summer and realized that law is simply not the right career for me. I also got the chance to shadow an ER doctor over the summer, and that, on the other hand, was a great experience. It was fascinating, I empathized with the patients, and I got to talk to many doctors who are passionate about their job. I can absolutely see myself being happy with a career in medicine. I am just super worried about doing well in the pre med classes and med school.
I'm wondering how to start planning my classes, volunteering, etc.
In my freshman year, I took:
Calc I (3.1)
Calc II (3.7)
Chemistry (3.0)
English (3.9)
My overall GPA is a 3.6
This year I'm planning on taking physics, finishing up chem classes, and volunteering. I will probably take a gap year after undergrad to study, volunteer, and save up money, which is what I was going to do before law school anyway.
My questions:
1. What should I take junior and senior year?
2. Should I take calc III?
3. Will being an economics major hurt my chances?

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Most schools just want one college level math so don't take anything that will kill your GPA honestly just make sure that you do very well on the 8 hours of bio, chem, orgchem and physics! I can relate being a finance major then switching to bio/pre-med sophomore year.
Work on your sGPA.. Don't take calc III if it's not required unless you like math and think you can do well. Look into some fluff classes, pick and choose classes wisely.