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  1. J

    To Med School or Not To Med School - A Crossroad in My Career Choice

    My name is Jorge and I am a rising sophomore at Rutgers University - New Brunswick pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Public Health, potentially a double major, while on the Pre-Med track. I am very passionate about the access and quality of healthcare/medicine in the United States...
  2. About the Ads
  3. 3toedsloth

    Health care & economics

    The topic of "how to fix American healthcare" frequently came up in my interviews. It's interesting to learn what are the different sources of exorbitant health care costs in America, what other countries are doing, and what reform efforts are in progress. The first book I read on this topic...
  4. D

    Trying to Tell My Dad Major Doesn't Matter.... Help?

    Hi there, I have shown my Dad a few threads on here and articles on other sites regarding a major and pre-med reqs. All in all, I know your major does not matter: your MCAT and GPA do. If I don't get into med school, my backup would be to be a PA or Physical Therapist. Because all of these...
  5. CacheValley

    ECONOMICS Major for Pre-Dental?

    I'm currently looking at going into Dental School. I'll try to apply to as many as I can but specifically looking at UNLV (in case that matters). I started into Business Admin as my major for my first year and half, but if I look into getting into a science degree such as Human Biology, Biology...
  6. Osteoth

    Competitive Business Models: Medicine vs. Surgery

    Hey guys, So I'm a (technically) MS3 taking a year off to get my MBA, and as a result of my business coursework I've been recently thinking about the different practice models in medical specialties. As a kind of catch-all the big difference I have been thinking about is between medicine and...
  7. nembry

    Would it be wise to retake English or Govt?

    So I am currently a 3rd year undergrad, my transfer GPA including high school dual credit is 3.75, but from my college it is 3.87. I am a hopeful Pre-Med which causes me to not be too happy with my 3.75 transfer GPA. It is low due to the fact that I took 4 dual credit courses in high school (a...
  8. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    MA in Economics Good Use of Application Year?

    Hello! I have a BA in econ and will be finishing up my prerequisites for med school/taking the MCAT this academic year. During my application year (2017-2018), I have the option of taking out another $10,000 student loan and doing a 1-year MA in managerial economics at the University of...
  9. 7

    Econ major starting pre med as a sophomore

    Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore econ major starting pre med. Throughout high school and my first year of college, I always thought I wanted to go to law school. However, I got a law internship over the summer and realized that law is simply not the right career for me. I also got the chance to...
  10. A

    switching from econ to pre-med; junior year

    I'm an economics major about to start my 3rd year this fall. I've recently become very interested medicine and have been more passionate about it than I've ever been about my major. Unfortunately because I never really liked what I was studying, my GPA is a fairly average 3.4. My math/science...
  11. Hospitalized

    Serious: The MCAT should allow CTRL+F for CARS...

    ...Because this is the only scenario in my life when I'm reading something on the computer and I won't be allowed to CTRL+F.
  12. H

    Dental School Non-Traditional Advice

    Hello all. I am looking to gain any sort of advice possible on dental school admissions. I have recently finished my undergraduate degree in Economics from Big State U. Abysmal 2.5 GPA. Im bright enough to have a great GPA however I did not take this serious in school. Some of my family members...
  13. RedDevil202013

    Change of Major from Bio to Economics?

    Hello all, I need your advice on what I should do with my Major. I just finished my Sophomore Year in Undergrad and currently majoring in Biology. To be honest, I am tired of the bio courses because they are not fun at all and they seem tedious especially the way they're taught at my University...
  14. Yamhead

    Does moving NoVa Community College severely damage my application?

    I'm a freshman at George Mason with a 4.0 GPA so far and I'm moving to North Virginia Community College Annandale because of financial complications for at least 2 semesters. Of course, after the 2 semesters at NoVa, I'd go back to George Mason. How bad would it be, disregarding grades because...