ECU School of Dental Medicine Class of 2027 Interview/Acceptance Thread

So it looks like they have 52 members in the Facebook group. Not really sure if the administrators count as part of the 52, but it looks as if the class is full or close to full. I interviewed Nov. 1st. I have heard absolutely nothing since then. 5 months without anything. Kinda unprofessional if you ask me.

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Has anyone received a letter of denial yet? It looks like the class is full, and has been for a while, so I'm wondering why they haven't sent anything yet.
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I may be overthinking it, but I just wanted to check with you all to see:

My latest DAT scores were obtained in Fall 2021. I know you can only use DAT scores for (3) years before retaking. Does that mean for this upcoming cycle (June 2023 for matriculation in Fall 2024) that I can still use these same scores this one last cycle before having to re-take the DAT? I think I can still use them since (3) years from 2021 will be 2024.
you're fine...
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Hey everyone! I just had an interview with ECU 11/1/22. They said this year they had a record low number of applicants. It was somewhere in the 200s (i think 240??? but I'm not sure) that applied. They will interview around 80% before accepting 52. They plan on sending out the first round of acceptances Dec 15th, NOT the 1st like usual. If you haven't received an interview yet, I wouldn't get upset. Last year I didn't interview with them until Dec 2nd , but didn't hear a decision until end of May.

This is my 4th year applying, 2nd interview
GPA 3.6 Science 3.3 DAT AA18/PAT22

Hope this helps! Good Luck!
What were your stats the first time you applied ?