I just started using all three of these books, figure its good review of the sciences and I'll have them finished by the weekend...anybody else using them? Are they helping your science scores? Thoughts...opinions??


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Feb 11, 2002
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you'll have them finished by the weekend?? what kind of books are these? this is the first i have heard of EK 1001. all of the science review books i have are very long and have lots of material. i couldn't imagine finishing 3 in 3 days or so. could you tell me more about these books?

Mr. Z

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Apr 19, 2002
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I've been using the EK 1001 books over the past month or so and they have kept me pretty busy. I think trying to finish those books in one week is an incredible, if not impossible amount of work. Plus, you should consider the more you cram the less you will absorb. You might want to space it out, from now until the exam. Or maybe just work the areas you are weak in. In fact EK recommends doing every third or fourth problem until you get one wrong, then work a few problems in that area.

By the way, they are a great review, and i highly recommend them.
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