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Dec 30, 2008
I was told that EK has really good practice material. I have EK Verbal 101 and EK Bio 1001.

I was thinking about getting either the EK complete study package or the EK 16 mini-MCATs book for more comprehensive practice. What do you guys think? For those of you who have both books, which more accurately represents the actual MCAT? My guess is that they're probably about the same since it's the same author and the same company, but you never know. I'm not looking for content review, since I have plenty of material for that already, I'm just looking for the best practice material available to supplement the AAMC tests.


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Jun 27, 2007
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They're two different kinds of books. The Mini MCAT book is solely practice problems. The complete study package is EK's set of content review books. Yes, there are some practice problems, but it's not enough and not the focus of the set. Since you just want practice material, pick up the Mini MCAT book.


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Apr 7, 2008
I actually have both of these books. It really depends what you want. The EK study package has review material and within each chapter there are about 15 discrete questions as well as a "chapter exam" which has maybe like 3 passages. It's a pretty good way to re-learn something because it has nice little problems for each subject.

There is also the 16 mini-quiz book. Each quiz is a hour long: 20 min dedicated to PS, 20 to Verbal, 20 of BS. I've done about 5 quizzes so far and they are pretty useful. They kind of go along with the book in that each quiz pertains to a chapter in the study guide. I like doing these quizzes because a full-length exam every day would just wear me out.
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