Elective info for Canadian med students

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Apr 19, 2005
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My name is Halina, I'm from The Electives Network. We are a non profit company that helps UK, Australian and New Zealand plan electives around the world.

I'm trying to pull together some information about Canadian Medical schools, and the way that they run their elective programs.
I was hoping that someone will be able to provide me with some information.

I'm looking to find out how many medical students there are in Canada, when they normally go on their elective, how they plan it, finance it, whether there are organizations in Canada that support medical students, either with information or funding.

If you would like visit our site, there is a preview of it at www.electives.net. If you would like full access, I would be happy to organize a guest password if you email me at halina.malone(at)electives.net

I look forward to any responses

Halina Malone