Electives at other medical schools

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does anyone know if there are any opportunities to do electives/semesters at other medical schools? What about foreign medical schools, such as in Europe? What year is it possible to do such electives? Also, if you have any recommendations of where to go, please let me know.

In addition, I would like to know if there are volunteer opportunities, internationally, especially in Spanish speaking regions, as a medical student.

Thanks so much!



I?m a medical student from Spain and preparing to do my graduate medical education in US.
Next summer I?m going two months for electives to an US university.
In Spain we have one of the best public health sistems in the world, and great hospitals.
You can be as a volunteer in any hospital without any problem, you only have to speak to your home med school asking if you spend several months in Spain you can convalidate with your home med school elective rotations.
You can get in touch with a chief department doctor at any hospital from Spain and try to do it.
Obviously you need to speak spanish.


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Come talk to me. I'm making a list of places that allow non-LCME students to do 4th year electives at their institutions. Currently I've only checked university programs, but some classmates are going to help me out over spring break by checking with community hospitals. I've accumulated a bunch o' info.

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Most US schools restrict visiting electives to 4th or final year students. In addition, most students are prevented from doing "Core" rotations and as you know, many schools do not allow non-LCME students to come for electives.

During my 4th year I did electives at:

University of Virginia
University of Louisville

Some of these had restrictions, ie, you had to have a faculty sponsor. But I asked and I got.

Flinders Univ in South Australia will accept applications for 4th year electives but I believe they may limit these to students at schools which will allow Flinders students the same privilege.

I have no current information on schools in Spanish speaking climes, although I would venture to say that your skills would come in handy in California, New mex, Texas, etc.

best of luck...