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Electives that don't have ACGME approved programs


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Aug 30, 2007
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    In states the require AGCME approved "greenbook" rotations, how do they evaluate electives that do not have a corresponding program? For example, if you do an elective in Research, Rural, or Tropical medicine... there is no ACGME program in 'Research'. When your education is being reviewed for a license, how will that type of elective be viewed?

    Will they not count it toward your required length of clinical training? Will they count it as a non-ACGME approved elective, and deny you a license? Or, will they count it as an bona fide elective that doesn't need ACGME approval?


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    Jun 7, 2004
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      if a state requires that all your electives and core rotations be green booked then the rotations that are not greenbooked will simply not be counted thus in the eyes of that state you'll be missing clinical time and thus will not be eligable for a license, you need 80weeks of clinical time to get a license and to graduate thus if you do one 4 week elective at a non greenbooked place you'll have 76 weeks of electives in the eyes of that state and thus haven't completed your requirement for licensure. Theoretically you can take other electives to make up for those that are not green booked but then you'll have to pay extra money to your school or your school might not even let you do that if they need the space of other students.

      it's best to just not do them. Also that's why research electives usually don't count towards your clinical weeks, and are done if you have extra time.
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