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Feb 3, 2005

I am in a big dilemma here. I was matched with a program with a built-in intern year through SF match. Now I have second thoughts about my specialty and want to switch to Anesthesiology. Can I scramble for PGY2 anesthesiology this year? I know this is totally unethical. But technically, I do not violate NRMP match rules since I get the PGY2 through scramble not through match. Can anybody comment on this? :confused:


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Jan 4, 2005
don't scramble for anesthesia....lots of great programs hold positions outside of the match for people who decide to switch into anesthesia...for example, hopkins' class is 22 but they only offered about 12 spots through the match...brigham's is 30 and only offered if you wait and apply next year for one of their PGY-2 spots, your selection will be greater and probably of better keep your spot for this year...think it over some more to be sure, then reapply---you should go to the anesthesia forum and ask people who have applied this way and ask how the process works because it's going to involve a lot of leg work calling programs to see if they hold spots, what they want for apps, etc...also whether or not you should use any time left you have in med school doing anesthesia electives for letters or if that really matters, etc....