emailing the program director, a big mistake?

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Sep 12, 2002
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I have thought of the shortest way to know my chances as an IMG in matching into a specicfic program, I had this idea of DIRECTLY emailing teh program director to ask him about my prospects, just before I sent the email , I thought of posting a thread about it here and asking you folks what do you think about this move? It would be helpful to know also that I will be doing an elective in the same program in a few months...please share your thoughts with me

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by the way guys, can any one propose to me what are the thinsg I should say , and what are those I should never mention, shall I mention my USMLE 1 score ( it is just around US average) and my other attributes or is it better to keep away from that?
Seems to me that you would be better off waiting to talk to the PD until you have done your elective at his program. After all, he/she will have a much better idea about your chances after having heard about you "in action".

If you do decide to contact the PD, I would ask for generalities - not specifically if you have a chance. In my recollection programs are loathe to tell people specifics lest they be sued if they gave you some positive feedback and you didn't match there.

Ask things like, what's your record on taking IMGs, what is the average USMLE score, etc.?