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Emory vs. MCG 2014

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by thehughesfactor, May 13, 2014.

  1. thehughesfactor


    Mar 25, 2014
    I know, everyone hates this question (and apparently Emory gets compared to every school out there on this forum). This is a mostly a question of finances, as I qualify for in state tuition at MCG.

    Total year cost ~$55,000
    Brand new educational building, including new anatomy lab opening in August
    pass/fail first year only
    located in Augusta- smaller city, less 'entertainment'
    Must do clinical rotations in Georgia
    2.5 hours from "home"

    Total year cost ~$80,000
    Gorgeous campus
    Accelerated curriculum- Step 1 after 1.5 years
    located in Atlanta- large city, lots of friends
    1 hour from "home"
    Associated with Grady hospital
    Higher national ranking and "name value"
    Greater wealth of research opportunities

    These two schools have nearly identical Step 1 scores. Percentage-wise, they send the same proportion of students to competitive residencies like ortho, derm, etc, although I wasn't able to get any information about where they actually match residency. I imagine that the Emory name might have the advantage in getting you a residency interview outside of the South.

    If you're still reading this, can I get your opinion? I qualify for $47,000 of unsubsidized 5.4% Stafford loans at both schools (not even enough to cover tuition at Emory). Little to no help from parents - I can go home and eat for free on the weekends, but that's about it. I don't mind eventually working in Georgia, but I would like to snag one of those more competitive specialties and I'm having a hard time putting a price on the abstract differences like brand value.

    If the schools produce the same average step scores, and the same proportion of highly competitive residents, then basically I'm paying an extra $100,000+ to live in a fun city and attend a school with greater research potential, both of which I won't truly be able to invest myself in because I'm a medical student. What would you do?

    FYI I'm 25 years old and single, with three years of research experience and a couple of papers.
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  3. yonderson


    Feb 6, 2015
    Digging up this old thread. Did you decide Emory vs MCG? Im also wondering if school name has any effect on your ability to snag competitive residencies (ortho, neurosurg, etc.) Any comment? I mean I have heard lots of people say it doesnt matter, but I just have a hard time believing it (someone correct me if Im wrong). Lets say we have two students. One is at Vanderbilt the other is at Mercer. They have same class rank. Equal research experience. Interview the same. Basically everything is equal between the two but the one at Mercer scored 1 point higher on Step 1. I just have a really difficult time thinking that the Mercer student will have a greater opportunity of getting ortho at HSS or neurosurg at UCSF. Does it really not make a difference? For the record I will be very happy if the answer is yes.
  4. UNMedGa

    UNMedGa Emotionally tortured falcons fan 2+ Year Member

    Being from Georgia, I'm told MCG is just as good as Emory for the stats you matched above. For me, Emory's stunning campus is a bit more of a draw than MCG. There's that little difference. Local physicians seem to hold both in similar regard; I'd say Emory just has more of a research emphasis with a few more opportunities. If you're looking at public health, however, Emory has to take the cake with the CDC literally on campus.

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