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Aug 20, 2006
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I have noticed that there are several lawyers posting that are applying to med school or thinking about it. I too am one of you--I am also in my low 30s. Having just recently made it over the admissions hurdle, I can say that it has been one hell of a process. I am a graduate of a top 25 law school with grades near the top of my class. I have a 3.95 in my premed sciences (while working as an attorney). I took the MCAT and blew it last year and was rejected by my state schools. I took it again in August and applied to 20 schools-to include DO schools-got a much higher score the second time (experimental section on VR threw timing off and kept me from realizing my full potential). The truth about not being able to predict which medical schools will be interested in you is absolutely right. I have interviewed at 5 top twenty-five schools and have yet to receive a single interview at an average school. In fact, the local school were I took my undergrad science courses has not called to interview. I guess my point would be to cast a wide net. There really is no way of predicting who will be interested in you. I received my first acceptance in December--less than two weeks after my interview. The bottom line is that it will happen for you. Just keep trying. During your interviews focus on being positive no matter what is thrown at you and be prepared for the "why are you giving up law" question. You are absolutely positively not giving up law! They can be complementary disciplines--figure out your answer. (Hope this helps)


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Nov 29, 2006
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Congratulations!!! :) It sounds like you've had quite a bumpy ride, but you've arrived at your destination just fine.

Out of curiosity, what kind of law did/do you practice, and what was your answer to those interview questions about why you are switching careers?

(BTW, I just finished law school and am studying for the bar, which is why medicine is suddenly looking so attractive!)
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Sep 26, 2002
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There are a ton of us. I guess the good news is that having a law degree doesn't keep you out of medical school, which was what I was worried about beforehand.


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Apr 24, 2006
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Congrats. I'm not a lawyer, but it is still good to see positive stuff. Best of luck with the next coming years. You have a unique skill set that'll definitely be utilized in some fashion, and (possibly) abused by others.....

and yes law2doc...you are very vocal. ;) I don't have a problem with it though.....so go ahead.


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Jan 18, 2007
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Congrats and thanks for posting the "there is hope" story! I would also be interested in what you said for your reasons on career change or however you handled the why medicine not law question.
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