Endocrinology starting salary

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Jul 31, 2015
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Hello everyone, I am a PGY-1 and thinking about choosing either Endocrinology or Hem-Onc as an subspecialty.
I know those are very different subspecialties but I was wondering about the salary part.
I am not trying the compare those two in regards of salary, just was wondering approximately how much does Endocrinologist make

Medscape salary report does not seem that reliable, so If anyone is an endocrinologist here or a fellow, if you could write approximate salary in a non-academic setting for a fresh out of fellowship endocrinologist for example? I know there will be outliers, but I am looking for an average number.

Thank you

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my senior fresh graduate was offered 300k 4.5 days, outpt only, no call
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my senior fresh graduate was offered 300k 4.5 days, outpt only, no call
Do you mind commenting on location? Desirable, big city vs rural etc. Also academic vs private?
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midwest US, 1.5 hour from downtown of metropolitan city . private practice
PP will pay more than academic
rural settings will pay more than desirable cirties

in PP, its eat what you kill...meaning RVU/production model, with base wrvu goals that need to be achieved.
generally there will be a guarantee for 1-2 year while you build your panel.

regionally dependent as well...NE pay is low, even for PP, midwest and south prolly the highest median.

can be as low as 150k to start...academic, desirable city (NYC, boston, DC) and as high as 350k rural and/or high volume.

most people who go into endocrinology do so because the like the topic and are not necessarily money driven.

$250k is a doable goal, >$300 is possible, but you work hard.

If money is the goal...hem/onc is the more feasible path...but obviously more competitive and the like research...so as a pgy1, you need to start now.

for a US grad, endocrinology is not difficult, though the more competitive fellowships are still competitive.
Depends on academic vs private practice and location ( academic doesn’t pay well) My husband graduated 2 years ago from Endocrinology and currently is working in a big city of Texas and got guarantee salary of 220-230 k the first year ( private practice) But 1 year after He builded his pt’s panel He is making around 280 k working 4 days a week. (He sees 20 pts on average) If He decides to work 5 days a week I’m sure He would be making around 320K or maybe little more.

But if you like Hem/onc and Endocrine the same. Go for Hem/onc bc salary is much higher. Money is not everything but it is very important.
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