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Sep 18, 2014
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Hi people,

I am a second year British Asian MPH epi student at Tulane and I am wondering what I can do to get a job and find a way out. I have a 3.7 GPA, speak German and French, with a genetic and microbio background, a kinesiology major for my BS, and am willing to work in basically any field, and for anyone really. I know SAS, SPSS, STATA, R, Excel, Merlin, PLink and etc, and I will start my thesis soon and hopefully I will write something that helps with my employment/study (suggestions). I have 7 relevant experience in and outside a lab but they are all from undergrad. If not, I am also looking at going to study further in genetic epi or maybe pharm school since I much prefer the science than the bureaucracy/activism, but really, I'd take any job since at the end of the day, since they all ask for "5 years of experience" no matter where you turn.

I have been in America since forever and I need to get a job here, or at least go to school further here. I have been here since forever and basically my whole world is based in here, besides, I don't see a lot of opportunities in the lines of health care in the UK, esp. if I want to eventually do something that I like, e.g. conducting my own project/study/etc. Most offerings in America are from the gov and they require US citizenship, which I don't have, is there a way out for me? And no, I am not confident enough to find employment speaking exclusively Deutsch or Francais yet, although if there is absolutely no way out for me, I'd learn pygmy if I have to =/

Thanks guys