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Dec 1, 2016
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Has anyone ever taken the EPPP out of their state or in Canada? Based on what I’ve read, it’s allowed but it’s recommended to double check that there won’t be any issues.
The only reason I’m looking into this is because I live on the east coast and need to take the EPPP and there are just so little openings on the East coast with nothing in July. The closest places with openings is Toronto. Any thoughts would be helpful as I make scheduling decisions.


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Nov 22, 2016
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I took it last year in the state where my fellowship was located but was in the process of getting licensed in a different state and now work as a VA staff psychologist in another state.

Some state boards have different pass scores and some are requiring the new Part 2 but I don't see why the testing location should matter (as long as they can administer the appropriate test).

Hopefully others can chime in but also be aware of any quarantine procedures if you travel: Government of Canada updates mandatory requirements for travellers entering Canada - Canada.ca


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Oct 26, 2017
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I would think it's more important which state you register with to get approval to take it.

For example, I received approval based on submitting an application for license in State A, but then when it came to take the test, I was living in State B and took the test in State B. I could have registered with any center in any state that was convenient for me, and it would not have mattered-- my results were still getting sent back to State A who approved me for taking the test

My results were sent to State A board and I had to pay $85 to transfer the score to State B.
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